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Seiko Soundproducer stopwatch # 23535

Ref. 23535 the Timemachine

  • The Seiko Soundproducer is an essential tool of the trade for anyone in radio, television or film.

  • Backtimes.

  • Calculates from pre-set points.

  • Acts as a stopwatch.

  • Uses calculator mode at the same time as backtiming, with splitscreen.

  • Not only calculates time but also stores the result for use in stopwatch and timer functions.

  • Size 117x57x27 mm. Gray case.

  • The buttons do not beep.

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  • The soundproducer is a user-friendly digital stopwatch that offers timecalculations by adding and substracting in hours, minutes and seconds. In music and television production it is often necessary to know the combined duration of recorded parts of a disc, tape or programme. The maximum reading is 100 hours and it counts in increments of one second. By keeping a button pressed, elapsed time can be displayed while the countdown continues. Both the stopwatch and the countdowntimer can start from a time that has been input manually or one that is produced in the time calculation mode. The upper part of the big display shows the present time; the lower part shows the calculated or elapsed time. Changing to a different mode is by rotating a selector switch. An ergonomic design makes the soundproducer easy to hold and the unit´s wedge shape enables easy reading even when the stopwatch lies flat on a table.

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